Fire Department Training Simulation Software



FLAME-SIM is the only training tool that allows you to perform unscripted, high pressure, full scale training scenarios. You tailor tactics specific to your department.  FLAME-SIM drives every firefighter to face decision making on the fireground.  This allows firefighters to transfer their individual experience and the battalions experience from training to the real world.  FLAME-SIM’s unique technology combined with real firefighter experience has proven to train firefighters more effectively than videos or verbal instruction.  Fire Chiefs and Training Chiefs consider FLAME-SIM a critical component to the practical lessons every fire house needs.

How do I create new scenarios? 


Customization with FLAME-SIM is point and click. There is always pressure on training time, FLAME-SIM has point and click editors that allow you to customize to your apparatus and scenarios in just a few minutes.  Light a fire in any room, place occupants in the structure, bystanders outside, change the structure type from platform to balloon, all to ensure your firefighters are faced with the same challenges they see in your response area.  This allows you to maximize the training time without a lot of set up time.

How do departments use FLAME-SIM? 


Departments have great success using FLAME-SIM. Besides the vigorous experience, departments are excited about the use of FLAME-SIM to train Incident Command and Fireground Communication.  Departments separate the IC, interior companies, and exterior companies to drive the reality of the training.  Each firefighter has their own view of the structure, is able to interact with the structure, and is forced to communicate using fireground radios as they currently do on the fireground.  Departments discover that they exercise critical thinking and assessment and communication under stress.  It feels very realistic.

How realistic is the training? 


Incident Command and firefighters must quickly take in an overwhelming amount of information.  Each situation requires the right decisions, rapidly, on deployment and execution. FLAME-SIM trains for enhanced Teamwork and adherence of SOP’s.  Our technology allows the fireground to unfold unscripted so the decision making reflects the actions of each firefighter. This allows EVERY participant in the training event to learn, as opposed to involving only the Incident Commander.

FLAME-SIM does not limit the actions of the firefighter, allowing them to make the same mistakes that are made on the fireground each day.  This gives Command the ability to correct those mistakes as they occur. Firefighters can open any ventilation point, vent-enter-search, set fans and employ many more tactics in the FLAME-SIM environment, eliminating the need to script every correct and incorrect action of a firefighter.

Can I get after action reports? 


Feedback is a critical to fire fighter evaluation. FLAME-SIM’s after action report tracks 59 actions, orders, and reports based upon NFPA standards.  Actions such as 360 completions, hose size selection, point of attack, rooms searched, vents opened, and more are saved to the PC and printed.  This provides the vital who, what, and, when information needed to critique the actions of each firefighter.  FLAME-SIM also provides insight into the developing behaviors of rising leaders.


What does FLAME-SIM cost?

FLAME-SIM is sold in “seats” of software.  Each seat allows one person to operate in the environment at a time.  The maximum number of seats that FLAME-SIM currently supports in the same environment is 16.  The common first purchase of FLAME-SIM is a number of seats equal to the number of companies in the department’s first alarm fire response for a confirmed fire.  We can work with departments to increase or decrease the number of seats and/or package hardware and FLAME-SIM to work within your budget.


How can I see it in action?

For more information on FLAME-SIM or to see when we will be traveling to your area, please contact us.