Fire Department Training Simulation Software

Case Studies

Simulation training is a growing trend and is proving to be an effective training medium in a variety of different industries. The military, law enforcement, aeronautics and medical industries have all been utilizing simulation training for years and benefiting from the heuristic based learning environments that simulation training technology provides. There have been a variety of different studies conducted that evaluate and prove the effectiveness of simulation training; check out a few of the studies below!

Effects of Simulation Training in the Fire Service

fire_logoThis study was completed by Dr. Kurt Hall of the Allen (TX) Fire Department. FLAME-SIM was used in the study to both train and test incident commanders from both the Allen and McKinney Fire Departments. The study shows an improvement of test scores of 20% for incident commanders that trained using FLAME-SIM as opposed to traditional training methods. The study also showed that those firefighters and officers that trained with FLAME-SIM liked the training and felt more confident when acting as incident command.

To download the full study, please visit the University of Texas Dallas web site at

Officer Development Class

photo-1312483075Last fall we hosted an Officer Development Class that had an ICS component. During the ICS component we began incorporating Basic Structural Tactical Initiatives in order to improve performance on the fire ground. With each scenario we noted radio traffic was reduced and task accomplishment time improved. The most remarkable aspect of these improvements was how fast we were able to accomplish them. What might normally take several days of hands on training to master, due to the amount of work involved in setting for each scenario, only took one afternoon. This reduction of company out of service time with the ability for them to come away with the new operations instilled in their memory is amazing!