Fire Department Training Simulation Software


Allen Fire Department, TX

“The whole culture of the organization has changed in just one year. We are more organized, safer and efficient. Not only has our ability to protect firefighters increased, but our ability to protect the lives and property of Allen citizens has increased.”

– Assistant Chief Jonathan Boyd

Rockland County, NY

“In the two years we have used FLAME-SIM, we have used it for individual department training, officer development, and managing the command post classes. We have found FLAME-SIM to be very effective in teaching firefighters and officers to better understand the expecations of the Incident Commander.”

Johnnie Alhf – Fire Instructor

Hennepin Technical College, MN

“FLAME-SIM allows Hennepin Technicagl College to teach tactics, communications, and techniques in lesson plans ranging from Firefighter I to Incident Command and Company Operations. FLAME-SIM has been one of the most versatile training products we have purchased in our quest to enhance training for our students.”

Bernie Vrona – Fire Instructor