Fire Department Training Simulation Software

Canadian Department Thrilled with FLAME-SIM

FLAME-SIM is proving to be a valuable investment for Red Deer Emergency Services in Alberta, Canada. Red Deer Emergency Services (RDES) is a full time department that has 5 stations and 140 suppression members. In September 2009 RDES purchased a 5 unit FLAME-SIM Rugged Mobile Center and are finding the mobility and training that FLAME-SIM offers to be a strong asset to their department.

The FLAME-SIM Rugged Mobile Center (RMC) has allowed the Red Deer training staff to take the training to their firefighters instead of always having to bring their firefighters to the training center. This easily transportable system allows them train fire ground communications and decision making skills, onsite and on duty, saving their department time and money. In addition, the simple RMC set up, along with the easy to use FLAME-SIM Scenario and Configuration Editors, allow for RDES to get a training session up and running in a matter of minutes.

“We start with a quick intro to get the guys familiar with the controls then we begin the scenario training, which includes basic radio communication on the fire ground for the firefighters and command functions for the officer in charge”, said RDES Chief Training Officer, Mike Godwin. “Following the basic scenario we can then add a MAYDAY call or another serious fireground occurrence, all in one afternoon. Impossible, if we attempted all that on the fire training grounds”.

The true cost of training is often miscalculated; the cost of payroll frequently gets lost in the cost of tower rental, instructors, transportation etc., but payroll is often one of the most expensive aspects of training. By integrating FLAME-SIM into your training regimen you can increase the repetition of your training while decreasing your payroll and other costs, which often enables FLAME-SIM to pay for itself in less than a year.

Chief Godwin added, “Since we run EMS as well, call volumes are high, so it is difficult to take the crew out of service for an entire day of training. With the FLAME-SIM Rugged Mobile Center I am able to take the FLAME-SIM systems to each station and train with the crews, in quarters. No relocating, no out of service costs, just hands-on fireground and command training”.

The easy to use FLAME-SIM Rugged Mobile Center is giving fire departments across the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to decrease costs while increasing training time and experience! Join the growing list of departments by adopting the leading fireground training software in the U.S. and see the results for yourself. For information about incorporating FLAME-SIM into your department’s training regimen visit or contact our Sales Department at (877) FLAME 01.